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17 March 2021 - 19 March 2021
Davos, Switzerland

Welcome to CYSAT '21

What's driving us?

Space engineers have historically focused on building reliable satellites often at the expense of security. ​
With the easier access to space and the boom of new space services collecting valuable data, space assets are becoming an attractive target for hackers. ​
Now is the time to build a European ecosystem able to respond to the current and future challenges of securing space assets, data and services in order to remain at par with leading space nations and preserve our sovereignty. ​

Switzerland has proved to be one of the most innovative country in the world and has made cybersecurity a national priority. ​
CYSEC, in partnership with AP-Swiss, wants to give the European space community the opportunity to learn, share and connect on the topic of cybersecurity by bringing selected executives, ethical hackers and experts together in Davos, Switzerland for a 3-days event. ​

Topics addressed

  • Cloud computing
  • Quantum attacks vs. defense
  • Ground segment, operations and data transmission
  • Satellite hacking
  • The extra challenge of constellations
  • Legl and financial aspects

Why participate?

  • Learn - from renown professors and experienced engineers on:
    Security and cryptography
    Cyber risks in satellite communications
    How to design a secure system architecture
    Ground segment challenges and solutions
    Space segment challenges and solutions
  • Share - with leading players on their security challenges and vision for the future through open discussions with:
    Industry leaders presenting their vision for solving current and future cyber challenges
    Founders of space startups sharing their experience on dealing with the cyber challenge
    VCs active in the space market on the value of cybersecurity
  • Network - attend to online networking activities and virtually meet other participants.
Davos, Switzerland
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